If all precautions dose and rate of administration of the drug side effects occur.

Note sustanon:

The patient should be put in a doctor’s reputation in the event of any side effects that are not described in the instructions.

Overdose overload capacity of electrolytes and overdose Symptoms of overdose of the drug can lead to such phenomena as hypertonic hyperhydration, electrolyte disturbances, pulmonary edema.Treatment should immediately stop the infusion, appoint diuretics with continuous monitoring of electrolytes in blood plasma; . correction of electrolyte balance Overdose glucose symptoms . Hyperglycemia, glucosuria, dehydration, hyperosmolarity serum or hyperglycemic hyperosmolar coma therapy should sustanon 250 gains immediately stop the infusion; holding rehydration; appointment insulin with constant control of blood glucose; replacement of electrolyte losses, monitoring of acid – base balance.

Interaction with other drugs

to avoid the incompatibility sustanon of the following drugs should not be mixed with Sterofundin:

  • Sustanondrugs forming precipitate when mixed with the components of the solution;
  • formulations containing salts of weak organic acids or alkali earth metal are sparingly soluble in water;
  • unstable, decompose or lose their effectiveness in an acidic environment drugs.The solution should not be injected through the same system at the same time for blood transfusion before or after the introduction of the blood due to the risk psevdoagglyutinatsii.CautionsCompared with healthy people, glucose sustanon tolerance is reduced in patients with metabolic changes characteristic for post-operative or post-traumatic period. The older the patient and the expression of his underlying disease, surgery or injury, the more likely to develop the metabolic disorders associated with impaired glucose tolerance, similar to diabetes. Clinical monitoring should include monitoring of serum electrolytes, including potassium and water balance. In various states with impaired glucose tolerance (hyperglycemia) is necessary to monitor the concentration of glucose.


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