sustanon steroid

Combined medication. Paracetamol has sustanon steroid analgesic and antipyretic effect. Phenylephrine – vasoconstrictor effect, thus contributing to the elimination of edema of the mucous membranes of the nose, nasopharynx and sinuses, decrease secretions from the nose, resulting in easier nasal breathing. Pheniramine has anti-allergic and anti-edema effect, reduces the permeability of blood vessels, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing eliminates. Ascorbic acid is involved in regulating the redox processes, carbohydrate metabolism, blood coagulation, tissue regeneration, in the synthesis of steroid hormones; It increases the body’s resistance to infection, reduces vascular permeability, reduces the need for vitamins folic acid, pantothenic acid. Improves tolerability of buy sustanon 250 paracetamol and prolongs its action.


Colds, flu, acute rhinitis, nasopharyngitis, sinusitis, inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, accompanied by fever, chills, runny nose, a feeling of nasal congestion, headache. Pain (mild to moderate severity): arthralgia, myalgia. neuralgia, migraine, toothache Mr. headache, pain in trauma, tuberculosis.


: Hypersensitivity to paracetamol and other components of the drug; treatment with other drugs containing substances included in the Stopgripana; Simultaneous reception tritsiklicheekih antndepressantov, monoamiiooksidazy inhibitors , beta-blockers; portal hypertension; alcoholism; diabetes; pregnancy, lactation; Children up to age 12 years. With caution: in patients with severe Sustanon steroidcoronary artery atherosclerosis, hypertension, deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase; blood diseases, congenital hyperbilirubinemia , hepatic and / or renal failure, angle-closure glaucoma. prostate cancer; hyperthyroidism, pheochromocytoma, bronchial asthma.


The contents of one sachet (bag) to pour into a glass, pour hot water and stir until dissolved and drink. Adults and children over 12 years: Take one sachet 3-4 times a day with intervals between doses of 6 hours (not more than 4 bags per day). Consult a doctor if symptoms persist for 5 days.

Side effects:

At therapeutic doses, the sustanon steroid drug is generally well tolerated, but may occur: increase in blood pressure, allergic reactions (pruritus, rash, urticaria, angioneurotic edema), dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, decreased psychomotor speed of reaction, irritability, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, urinary retention, renal colic, glycosuria, mydriasis, paresis of accommodation, increased intraocular pressure.Given the presence of paracetamol in the composition of the drug, can rarely be observed violations of the hematopoietic system (trombotsitepeniya, leukopenia, agranulocytosis, hemolytic anemia, aplastic anemia); chronic administration of high doses – possible violations of the liver and kidney function (hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity – papillary necrosis).


is caused, usually paracetamol. There are: pale skin, anorexia. nausea, vomiting. Salts in the epigastric region; in severe cases – liver failure, gepatonekroz, increased activity of “liver” transaminases.increased prothrombin time, encephalopathy and coma. The detailed clinical picture of liver damage manifests itself in 1-6 days. Rarely liver failure develops lightning speed and can be complicated by renal insufficiency (tubular necrosis).

Treatment: gastric lavage, followed by the appointment of activated carbon; symptomatic therapy; introduction ditch donators of SH-groups of glutathione synthesis and predvestvenikov – methionine in 8-9 hours after the overdose and N-acetylcysteine – 12 hours.

Interaction with other drugs in E means

Enhances the effects inhibitors, sedatives, ethanol. Antidepressants, antiparkinsonian agents, antipsychotic drugs “phenothiazine derivatives – increase the risk of urinary retention, dry mouth, constipation Glucocorticoids increase the risk of increased intraocular pressure Paracetamol reduces the effectiveness of uricosuric drugs and increases the effectiveness of indirect anticoagulants…

Pheniramine simultaneously inhibitors, furazolidone can lead to a hypertensive crisis, excitation, hyperpyrexia. Tricyclic antidepressants increase the sympathomimetic effects, co-administration of halothane increases the risk of ventricular arrhythmias. Decreases hypotensive effect of guanethidine, which in turn, increases the alpha sustanon side effects adrenostimuliruyuschee Activity phenylephrine. When concomitant administration Stogripana with barbiturates, phenytoin, carbamazepine, rifampicin and other inducers of microsomal liver enzymes increased sustanon steroid risk of hepatotoxic action of paracetamol.


To avoid liver toxicity drug should not be combined with the use of alcoholic beverages.

If, despite taking Stopgripana, the disease is accompanied by continuing fever or observed the repeated rise in temperature, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles and serve the moving mechanical equipment

Patients receiving Stopgripan should refrain from activities that require attention and speed of mental and motor responses, including from driving. buy steroid online weight loss steroids for sale uk labs steroids bodybuilding trainers sydney where can i buy clenbuterol bodybuilding for beginners female