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The critical cations solution composition similar to the composition of the blood plasma. In connection with this solution is used to correct fluid and electrolyte abnormalities. When using electrolyte solutions osmotic balance is restored and / or maintained, both inside and outside the cells. Malate sustanon 250 reviews is oxidized and has a mild alkaline effect. The solution contains 5% glucose. At a dose level of 40 ml / kg body weight per day administered glucose amount sufficient to cover the needs of the organism of 2 g / kg body weight per day (gipokaloricheskaya infusion therapy).



  • isotonic dehydration;
  • hypotonic dehydration;
  • replacement of extracellular volume of isotonic solution with partial coverage of energy needs of the organism;
  • dilution of concentrated electrolyte solutions and medicines.Contraindications :
  • hyperhydration;
  • hypertonic dehydration;
  • hypokalemia;
  • hypernatremia,
  • hyperchloremia;
  • diseases in which should limit sodium intake, such as heart failure; edema, pulmonary edema, hypertension, eclampsia, severe renal insufficiency;
  • persistent hyperglycemia, do not respond to insulin in a dose of up to 6 units / hour.Pregnancy and lactationdrug can be used during pregnancy and lactation, but should be used with caution in women with eclampsia.Dosing and Administration Dose Dose selected individually Sustanon 250 reviewsaccording to the patient’s needs and the liquid electrolyte. The maximum daily dose: Up to 40 ml per kg body sustanon 350 weight per day, respectively, 2.0 g of glucose per kg of body weight per day. The administration rate: up to 5 ml / kg body weight / hour (1.7 drops / min kg), respectively 0.25 g of glucose per kg of body weight / hour. for patients with a body weight of 70 kg the maximum delivery rate of 350 ml / hr or 120 drops / min. This corresponds to 17.5 g / h of glucose. Duration of solution may be used for several days. Duration of use is determined by the clinical condition of a patient, and laboratory parameters.
  • Method of application: For sustanon 250 reviews intravenous administration. General recommendations for the use of carbohydrates: In the normal metabolism of the total amount of carbohydrates administered should not exceed 350 to 400 grams per day. The introduction of such doses of glucose is completely oxidized. Assigning higher doses may account for the appearance of side effects such as fatty liver disease. In conditions of impaired metabolism, for example after major surgery or injury or hypoxic stress organ failure daily dosage should be reduced to 200-300 g, which corresponds to 3 g / kg body weight per day. Selection of individual doses includes mandatory laboratory monitoring. The following restrictions must be strictly observed dose for adults: 0.25 g of glucose per kg of body weight per hour and up to 6 g per kg of body weight per day. When assigning solutions containing carbohydrates (regardless of concentration) must always monitor the concentration of glucose in the blood as the surgical intervention and the patient under conservative management. To prevent overdosing recommended carbohydrate infusion pumps, especially when using solutions with a high concentration of carbohydrate.
  • General instructions for the application of fluid and electrolyte solutions: Level of 30 ml per kg body weight per day of the body covers only physiological fluid needs. In patients undergoing surgery, patients resuscitated and fluid sustanon 250 reviews requirements increase due to the concentration of reduced renal function and increased excretion of metabolic products, which leads to the need to increase fluid intake to about 40 ml / kg body weight per day. Additional losses (fever, diarrhea, fistula, vomiting, etc.) necessary to compensate for an even higher by introducing the liquid whose sustanon level is determined individually. Actual individual fluid level needs defined sequential monitoring clinical and laboratory parameters (urine, serum, and urine osmolality, determination allocated substances). The main substitution of sodium and potassium cations major reaches 1.5-3 mmol per kg / body weight per day and 0 , 8-1,0 mmol per kilogram body weight per day, respectively. Actual requirements during infusion therapy defined electrolyte balance and monitoring of plasma concentrations of electrolytes.

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