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For parenteral administration of ceftriaxone well penetrates the tissues and body fluids.

In healthy adult subjects for ceftriaxone is characterized by long, about 8 hours, the half-life. The areas under the curve concentration – time in blood serum after intravenous and intramuscular administration of the same. This sustanon 250 for sale means that the bioavailability of ceftriaxone administered intramuscularly is 100%. When intravenous ceftriaxone diffuses quickly into the interstitial fluid, where its bactericidal activity against pathogens sensitive to it retains for 24 hours.

The half-life in healthy adult subjects is about 8 hours. Newborn to 8 days and the elderly over 75 years, Sustanon 250 for salethe average half-life of approximately twice. In adults, 50-60% of ceftriaxone is excreted unchanged form in the urine, and 40-50% – in unchanged form sustanon 250 side effects with bile. Under the influence of the intestinal flora ceftriaxone converted into an inactive metabolite. In newborns about 70% of the administered dose excreted by the kidneys. When kidney failure or liver disease in adults pharmacokinetics of ceftriaxone is almost unchanged, elimination half-life is lengthened slightly. If renal function is impaired, increased excretion in the bile, and if there is a liver pathology, the enhanced release of ceftriaxone kidneys.

Ceftriaxone is reversibly bound to sustanon 250 for sale albumin, and this binding is inversely proportional to the concentration of, for example, at a concentration in the blood serum of the drug is less than 100 mg / L binding ceftriaxone protein is 95%, and at a concentration of 300 mg / l – 85% only. Due to the lower content of albumin in the interstitial fluid ceftriaxone concentration in it is higher than in the serum. Penetration into the cerebrospinal fluid: In infants and children with inflammation of the meninges ceftriaxone penetrates into the cerebrospinal fluid, while in the case of bacterial meningitis, an average of 17% concentration in serum drug diffuses in the cerebrospinal fluid, which is about 4 times greater than in aseptic meningitis. 24 hours after intravenous administration of ceftriaxone 50-100 mg / kg body weight concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid higher than 1.4 mg / l. In adult patients with meningitis over 2-25 hours after administration of ceftriaxone 50 mg / kg body weight several times higher than the concentration of ceftriaxone depressing the minimum dose required to inhibit the pathogens most frequently causing meningitis.


Indications for use:

Infections caused by sensitive sustanon 250 for sale to ceftriaxone pathogens:

sepsis, meningitis, abdominal infections (peritonitis, inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, biliary tract) infections testosterone sustanon of bones, joints, connective tissue, skin, infection in patients with reduced function of the immune system, kidney infection and urinary tract infections, respiratory tract infections, particularly pneumonia, and upper respiratory tract infections, genital infections, including gonorrhea.

Prevention of infection in the postoperative period.

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