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Children and adolescents buy sustanon 250 weighing over 70 kg and adults. The recommended initial daily dose is 40 mg, and increased up to the therapeutic daily dose of about 80 mg is not earlier than 3 days. If there is no improvement in the condition of the patient, the total daily dosage may be increased up to a maximum dose of 120 mg not earlier than 2-4 weeks after starting treatment.

The recommended maintenance dose is 80 mg. The recommended sustanon side effects maximum daily buy sustanon 250dose is 120 mg.

In children and adolescents weighing more than 70 kg and safety in adults a single dose of 120 mg and the total daily dose of 150 mg has not been systematically evaluated.

Treatment should be under the supervision of a doctor who has experience of working with patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The drug Strattera ® can be taken regardless of meals or during meals. Cancel the drug does not require a gradual reduction of the dose.

Instructions for use capsule

Special patient groups Hepatic impairment. In patients with moderate hepatic impairment (Class B for Child-Pugh) starting and supporting a therapeutic dose should be reduced to 50% of the usual recommended dose. In patients with severely impaired hepatic function ) starting and supporting a therapeutic dose should be reduced to 25% of the usual dose.

Renal insufficiency. In patients with severely impaired renal function , atomoxetine excreted from the body more slowly than in healthy individuals. However, when the dose correction differences were noted. Therefore, the buy sustanon 250 can be given to patients with end-stage renal disease or lesser degrees of renal insufficiency using the usual dosing regimen. Atomoxetine can cause hypertension in patients with end-stage renal disease.

Elderly patients and children under 6 years of age. Do not assessed.

Side effects

Children and adolescents

Abdominal pain and decreased appetite are the adverse events most commonly associated with taking atomoxetine (18% and 16% of patients, respectively), but they usually do not require discontinuation of therapy. These side effects are usually temporary.

Due to reduced appetite, some patients lose weight at the start of treatment (an average of about 0.5 kg) and the weight loss was greater at higher doses. After the initial weight loss in patients taking atomoxetine, there was a slight increase in weight  during long-term therapy. Growth rates buy sustanon 250 (weight and height) after two years of treatment are near normal. steroide kaufen deutschland hgh kaufen deutschland wo steroide kaufen