Accidental receiving the drug inside in children, especially those younger than 2 years old may be accompanied by events such as nausea, somnolence, arrhythmia / tachycardia and possibly shock. In case of accidental reception 10 ml of the drug (5 mg antazoline and 4 mg tetryzoline hydrochloride) inside, adults are expected development of serious events.

In case of overdose tetryzoline marked buy deca durabolin depression, collapse and coma.

If you accidentally overdose as a result of taking the drug inside is recommended to induce vomiting ( if the patient is conscious) and / or to carry out gastric lavage, activated charcoal to appoint. If respiratory depression should be ventilation. In severe cases, a symptomatic supportive care in the intensive care unit.

Interactions with other drugs

buy deca durabolinBecause the application of sympathomimetic together inhibitors may develop a hypertensive crisis, the simultaneous use of spersallerg inhibitors is contraindicated.

Antihistamines that have a sedative effect, may enhancedepression with concomitant use with alcohol, hypnotic drugs, opioid analgesics, anxiolytics and neuroleptics.

Antihistamines may also be slightly blocked the receptors and increase the effects of buy deca durabolin pills such as atropine and some antidepressants . Taking into account possible systemic absorption antazoline, caution should be exercised when used together with the above mentioned drugs spersallerg.


Patients should be informed about the possible development of reactive hyperemia in overdose vasoconstrictor drugs.

Reducing the severity of conjunctivitis symptoms during treatment spersallerg can complicate diagnosis of eye infection.

When backfilling spersallerg in the conjunctival sac of patients with dry rhinitis (rhinitis sicca) is necessary to press the lower lacrimal point ( the inner third of the lower lid) to prevent contact with the drug on the mucous membrane of the nose.

patients should be informed of the need to consult with your doctor when you save or progression of symptoms of local irritation more than 3-4 days, or the development of pain in the eyes and blurred vision during treatment with spersallerg.

if necessary, the instillation more drugs in the conjunctival sac of drugs should be used separately at intervals of not less than 5 minutes.

with the opening of the original packaging is broken sterile dropper. To prevent contamination of the solution spersallerg should avoid contact with the dropper tip of the eye and the skin with instillation of the drug.

The drug is used only after removal of contact lenses. Putting contact lenses should not be earlier than 15 minutes after instillation.

Eye drops spersallerg buy deca durabolin contains a preservative benzalkonium chloride which may cause eye irritation and discolour soft contact lenses.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles and use machines

In the development of blurred vision, drowsiness, dizziness during treatment, patients should be spersallerg refuse truck management and using machinery until complete disappearance of the above-mentioned adverse events. human hormones bodybuilding tops adrenaline cuts pre workout bodybuilding canberra